Ḥayāt fī rasāʾil Jūzīf Rūth.. Stīfān Zfāyj wa-ākharūn

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"Ḥayāt fī rasāʾil Jūzīf Rūth.. Stīfān Zfāyj wa-ākharūn" [A Life in the Letters of Joseph Roth: Stefan Zweig and Others]. Translated from English by ʿAbbās al-Mufrijī in Manārāt [Manarat / Lighthouses] [Baghdad], Vol. 9: No. 2477 [9 May 2012]: Stefan Zweig, p. 13

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This is an anonymous translation of Lara Feigel's review "Joseph Roth: A Life in Letters by Michael Hofmann" in The Guardian [London], 24 February 2012, pp. ??.

See: <https://www.theguardian.com/books/2012/feb/24/joseph-roth-letters-michael-hofmann>