1994 November 30 - 1995 February 3: Stefan Zweig, Leben und Werk

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Stefan Zweig, Leben und Werk [30 November 1994-3 February 1995]. This exhibition, organized by Volker Michels, was held at the Literaturhaus Magdeburg. See: Stefan Zweig 1881-1942, an eight-page prospectus to the exhibition published by the Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg, Kulturamt


Four photographs [Zweig, 26 August 1936, inscribed to Jaques Chermont; Zweig in Ossining, NY, summer 1941; Lotte Zweig 1937/38; Zweig as a student 1902]
Facsimiles of Zweig's signet, his Ex Libris and the pen-drawing of Zweig by B[enedikt] F[red] Dolbin
A three-page biographical listing of his life and works and an excerpt from Volker Michels's essay "Stefan Zweig, ein Humanist im Kreuzfeuer der Ideologien". See: Stefan Zweig: Leben und Werk im Bild [1981], No. 10, pp. 330-351

In conjunction with the exhibition there were also

A reading on 8 December 1994 entitled "Bahnsteig Europa. Eine Zeitreise 50 (52) Jahre nach dem Tod von Stefan Zweig". The text was read by Ernst Jani, Ortheater [Laufen]
Two films were also presented as part of the exhibition: Schachnovelle [Roxy Film, 1960, with Curd Jürgens] on 15 and 16 December, 1994, and Brennendes Geheimnis [Vestron Pictures, 1989, with Klaus Maria Brandauer] on 26 and 27 January 1995