A Network of Friends. Stefan Zweig - His Last Address Book 1940-1942

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[2014]: Casa Stefan Zweig - Memória Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

A Network of Friends: Stefan Zweig - His Last Address Book 1940-1942. Introduction by Alberto Dines. Organization of the volume by Israel Beloch. Research and texts by Alberto Dines, Kristina Michahelles and Israel Beloch. English translation by Hugo Moss. Graphic Design by Victor Burton. 197/(3)p. Beautifully illustrated


Introduction [Alberto Dines], pp. 7-13
Thoughts about Stefan Zweig's last Address Book [Klemens Renoldner], pp. 15-23
Stefan Zweig: a biography, pp. 25-27
Facsimile of the Address Book, pp. 29-(82) [Size:13 x 11,5 cm. (Reproduced here in actual size). Binding in leather. Spiral finishing. 50 pages. Filled from June 1940 to February 1942. Probably printed in the United States]
Biographies of the characters, pp. (83)-193
Sources, pp. 194-197

See: A rede de amigos de Stefan Zweig. Sua última agenda 1940-1942 // Stefan Zweig und sein Freundeskreis. Sein letztes Adressbuch 1940-1942