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"'I Stole from Stefan Zweig': Wes Anderson on the Author Who Inspired His Latest Movie" in The Telegraph [London], 8 March 2014, pp. ??


This is an edited extract from a longer version of the conversation that appeared in "The Society of the Crossed Keys"

<>. The interview deals with Anderson's dramatic-comedy film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014), which is based on several of Stefan Zweig's works

Translation into Arabic of the first half of the interview (without mention of the interviewer George Prochnik):

"Al-Mukhrij Wis Andirsūn: Stīfān Tsfāyj maṣdar ilhāmī" [Film Director Wes Anderson: "Stefan Zweig Is the Source of My Inspiration"]. Translated by Najāḥ al-Jubaylī in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad], No. 3164 [3 September 2014], p. ??


See: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Prochnik, George [2014]: The Impossible Exile