Baron, Joseph Louis / Editor

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[1944, c. 1943]: The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia

Stars and Sand: Jewish Notes by Non-Jewish Notables Edited by Joseph Louis Baron. 555p. Illustrated

A statement on Stefan Zweig in "The Pretences of Anti-Semitism" by Gabriela Mistral, pp. 320-321

Reviews of this volume:

E. E. Aubrey. The Journal of Religion [University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL] 24:4 [1944], p. 295
Alfred Werner. Jewish Social Studies [Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN], 6:1 [1944], pp. 77-78

This is a companion volume to Candles in the Night. Jewish Tales by Gentile Authors. Edited by Joseph Louis Baron. 391p. New York: Farrar & Rinehart, 1940

[1956]: Crown Publishers, New York

A Treasury of Jewish Quotations. Edited by Joseph Louis Baron. xiv/623p. Index, p. 622 [Some 22 quotations by Stefan Zweig]. Revised edition: New York/London: Thomas Yoseloff Publisher, 1965