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"Correspondances de Stefan Zweig" in Le Figaro [Paris], 27 March 2014, pp. ??

Published online:

This is a review of the French translations of Stefan Zweig's correspondence with Romain Rolland and with Klaus Mann:

[1]. Romain Rolland - Stefan Zweig. Correspondance 1910-1919. Edited with an introduction and annotations by Jean-Yves Brancy. Translation of the German letters by Siegrun Barat. 636/(4)p. Paris: Éditions Albin Michel, 2014

[2]. Stefan Zweig - Klaus Mann. Correspondance 1925-1941. Edited with annotations by Dominique Laure Miermont. Translated from the German with a preface by Corinna Gepner. 194/(3)p. Paris: Éditions Phébus, 2014

Translation into Arabic (an anonymous text):

"Rasāʾil al-kātib Tsfāygh istiʿrāḍ li-ḥiqbah tārīkhiyyah" [The Letters of the Writer Zweig - a Review of an Historical Epoch. Translated from the French by Dallāl Ibrāhīm] in Al-Thawrah ūnlāyn [Thawra on Line] ['The Revolution' Online] [Damascus], 9 April 2014