Cornwall, Amanda

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Amanda Cornwall [University of Oregon, Eugene OR]. "Mirroring Empire's Decline: Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday and Miklós Bánffy's Transylvanian Trilogy". A lecture at the Modern Language Association International Symposium, Friday 24 June 2016. The symposium was entitled "Other Europes: Migrations, Translations, Transformations" and was held at the Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf, 23-25 June 2016. Concerning the English translation of the Bánffy trilogy see: The Writing on the Wall (Erdélyi Történet). The Transylvanian Trilogy. Translated by Patrick Thursfield and Katalin Bánffy-Jelen. London: Arcadia Books / UNESCO Publishing. Book One. They Were Counted. Foreword by Patrick Leigh Fermor. Introduction by Patrick Thursfield. xix/596p. [1999]. Book Two. They Were Found Wanting. Foreword by Patrick Leigh Fermor. ix/470p. [2000]. Book Three. They Were Divided. Foreword by Patrick Leigh Fermor. ix/326. [2001]