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Fallowell, Duncan, "Three Lives. A Biography of Stefan Zweig by Oliver Matuschek" in The Telegraph [London], 6 January 2012, pp. ??

Published online:


This is a review of Oliver Matuschek's biography Three Lives. A Biography of Stefan Zweig. London: Pushkin Press, 2011

Translations into Arabic:

[1]. "Stīfān Zfāyj ... riwāyāt wa-shuhrah waʾntiḥār" [Stefan Zweig ... Novels, Fame, and Suicide]. Translated from English by Ibtisām ʿAbdallāh in Manārāt [Manarat / Lighthouses] [Baghdad], Vol. 9: No. 2477 [9 May 2012]: Stefan Zweig, p. 9. See: <http://www.almadasupplements.com/pdf/05-2477/21.pdf>. Anonymous re-edition, allegedly taken from The Guardian [London], de facto from The Telegraph [London]

[2]. "Sīrat ḥayāt" [A Life Story]. Translated by al-Madā [recte: Ibtisām ʿAbdallāh] in Al-Madā [The Reach] [Baghdad] No. 4003 [23 August 2017], pp. ??. See: <http://www.almadapaper.net/ar/news/535001/%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%B1%D8%A9-%D8%AD%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%A9>. After already having suppressed the name of the original reviewer in the first Arabic edition of this review, the publishers of the Iraqi daily Al-Madā [The Reach] took the next step and then suppressed the name of the translator Ibtisām ʿAbdallāh after having slightly modified and re-edited her translation as an anonymous article