Habent sua fata libelli. Die Geschichte eines bibliophilen Wettersturzes

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"Habent sua fata libelli. Die Geschichte eines bibliophilen Wettersturzes" in Vossische Zeitung [Berlin], 22 April 1914 [No. 202], pp. 2-3. Concerning a copy of Rimbaud's Saison en enfer' in Zweig's possession which French antiquarians wished to purchase from him and his reason for keeping the volume

Reprinted in:

Marginalien. Zeitschrift für Buchkunst und Bibliophilie [Berlin], 126 [1992], a seven-page insert after page 64. Also available as a seven-page reprint with extra cover, edited by Rainer-Joachim Siegel
Nur die Lebendigen schaffen die Welt [2016], No. 14, pp. 61-64



"Habent sua fata libellei" [Translated by Jean-Baptiste Para] in Europe. Revue littéraire mensuelle, No. 10, pp. (67)-70


"L'inferno in otto copie" [Translated by Gabriella Rovagnati] in leggere. mensile culturale [Milano], 7:61 [June 1994], pp. 78-79. See also the translator's introduction "Francia infelix", pp. 76-77. Contains two photographs, one of Zweig and one of Arthur Rimbaud