Hultenberg, Hugo

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Kungliga Biblioteket - Sveriges Nationalbiblioteket, Stockholm. Hultenberg Archive. 2 volumes. Shelf number Acc. 2011/3. Five letters and one postcard from Stefan Zweig to Hugo Hultenberg


16 June 1936. 1 page. Written in German
30 October 1936. 2 pages. Written in German
23 November 1936. 1 page. Written in German
5 January 1938. 1 page. Written in German
17 January 1940. 1 page. Written in English


One undated postcard with two printed poems: "Rio, ano novo 1941". Last line: Camões Os Luíadas and "Weh, wieviel Not und Fährnis auf dem Meere", Stefan Zweig's translation of "No mar tanta tormenta, e tanto dano...", the first canto of Luís Vaz de Camões' Os Lusíadas [1940]