Inventory of the Stefan Zweig Collection in Reed Library

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[1993]: Reed Library, State University College, Fredonia, New York

Inventory of the Stefan Zweig Collection in Reed Library. Edited and compiled by Franciska Safran. Introduction by John P. Saulitis. 205p. Contains a photograph of Stefan, Friderike and Alfred Zweig ca. 1930, p. (iii) and between pp. 16-17 four photographs: Friderike Maria Zweig at Fredonia; Dr. Robert Rie and John P. Saulitis [Reed Library, 1972]; Dr. Robert Rie, late 1960s; John P. Saulitis, 1982


Preface [Thomas H. Goetz], p. 1
An Acknowledgement of Three Decades [Franciska Safran], pp. 2-4
Historical Introduction [John P. Saulitis], pp. 5-16. References, pp. 17-19
Historical Introduction: A Sequel [Franciska Safran], pp. 20-21
Technical Notes for Researchers [Franciska Safran], pp. 22-29


I. Manuscript Correspondence Collection [Stefan Zweig Correspondence Archive. See: Notes below]

A. Letters to Stefan Zweig, pp. 30-57
B. Correspondence from the Jewish National and University Library, pp. 58-60
C. Letters by Stefan Zweig, pp. 61-62
D. Letters by Stefan and Friderike Zweig, pp. 62
E. Letters to Friderike Zweig, p. 62
F. Letters by Friderike Zweig, p. 63
G. References, pp. 64-65

II. Published Works

A. Stefan Zweig's Works, pp. 66-118
B. Friderike Zweig's Works, pp. 119-121
C. Secondary Studies, pp. 122-173

III. Periodicals, pp. 174-175

IV. Miscellaneous Material

A. Miscellanea Stefan Zweig
1. Stefan Zweig Writings, pp. 176-178
2. Articles, Speeches, Documents, pp. 178-187
3. Book Reviews, pp. 187-189
4. Theater Programs and Reviews, pp. 189-191
a. Jeremias, p. 189
b. Die schweigsame Frau: Programs, p. 189-190
c. Die schweigsame Frau: Reviews, 190-191
5. Zweig on Film: Reviews, p. 191
6. Media Material, p. 191-192
7. Memorabilia, pp. 192-194
a. Portraits, p. 192
b. Photographs, 193
c. Paintings, p. 193-194
d. Posters, pp. 194
8. Conference and Lecture Programs, pp. 195-196
B. Miscellanea Friderike Zweig
1. Friderike Zweig Writings, p. 197
2. Articles About Friderike Zweig, p. 197
C. Stefan Zweig Collection Inventories, pp. 198-199
D. Alfred Zweig Archive pp. 200-205

Notes: Manuscript Correspondence Collection

Letters to Stefan Zweig, 1901-1940: 6440 manuscript letters, postcards, telegrams and miscellaneous items
Correspondence from the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, 1901-1950: 1297 items, manuscript copies
Letters by Stefan Zweig, 1904-1940: 82 letters, 27 postcards, 2 envelopes, 1 Stefan Zweig calling card, 1 manuscript essay; Briefe. Correspondence. Wien: Stadtbibliothek, no date. Photocopies of 130 manuscript items in the Stadtbibliothek in Vienna, 1906-1940. 1 unpaged volume, 112 letters, 16 postcards and 2 envelopes
Letters by Stefan and Friderike Zweig, 1912-1942: Part One: 623 manuscript letters, postcards, telegrams. Part Two: 699 letters, postcards, telegrams
Letters to Friderike Zweig, 1950-1963: 10 letters, 1 postcard
Letters by Friderike Zweig, 1957-1962: 12 letters, 4 postcards. 3 clippings, and 1 poem ["Abschiedgruss"]