Jewish Legends

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[1987]: Markus Wiener Publishers Inc., New York

Jewish Legends. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul with a new Introduction by Leon Botstein. Cover design by Cheryl Mirkin. xxxviii/263p. Illustrated. [Masterworks of Modern Jewish Writing. Edited by Jonathan D. Sarna]


Introduction, pp. vii-xxxviii
The Buried Candelabrum [Der begrabene Leuchter. Illustrated by Berthold Wolpe], pp. (1)-143
Rachel Arraigns with God [Rahel rechtet mit Gott], pp. (145)-164
The Legend of the Third Dove [Die Legende der dritten Taube], pp. (165)-171
Virata or the Eyes of the Dying (sic) Brother [Die Augen des ewigen Bruders], pp. (173)-224
Buchmendel [Buchmendel], pp. (225)-263