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Ben Jonson's 'Volpone': Eine lieblose Komödie in drei Akten. Freely adapted by Stefan Zweig. Premiere performance: Burgtheater, Wien, 6 November 1926

Stage scripts and book editions:

1925: Stage script, not for sale. 87/(1)p. Berlin-Wilmersdorf: Bloch Erben Verlag
1926: Book edition. 148p. Six illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley. Cover design by Walter Tiemann. 1st printing. 5,000 copies. Potsdam: Kiepenheuer Verlag, 1926 [Die Liebhaberbibliothek] / 2nd printing. 2,000 copies. Potsdam: Kiepenheuer Verlag, 1927 [Die Liebhaberbibliothek]
1950: Stage script, not for sale. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag
1950: Book edition. 99/(1)p. Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer Verlag
1958: Book edition. 86p. 10,000 copies. Leipzig: Reclam Verlag [Universal-Bibliothek, 8359]. Reprinted 1959
1982: Book edition. 151/(1)p. Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. 12,000 copies. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Taschenbuch [Fischer Taschenbücher, 2293] Verlag

Reprinted in:

Die Dramen [1964], No. 11, pp. (621)-(684)

English original:

Ben: Ionson his Volpone or the foxe. 120p. London: Printed by George Eld for Thomas Thorpe, 1606
Volpone or the foxe. Vol. 6 of Ben Jonson's The Workes. London: William Stansby, 1616

Translations of Stefan Zweig's adaptation:

Danish: Ben Jonsons 'Volpone': En ukaerlig komedie in 3 akter. Translated by Steen Albrectsen. 105p. Gråsten: Drama, 1977 [Dramas spaendende teatertekster, 8]

English: Ben Jonson's 'Volpone': A Loveless Comedy in Three Acts. Freely adapted by Stefan Zweig. Translated by Ruth Langner. 159p. London: Allen & Unwin, 1928. American edition. 187p. New York: Viking Press, 1928. Reprinted: Twenty Best European Plays on the American Stage. Edited by John Gassner. New York: Crown Publishing, 1957, pp. (401)-442 [Biographical note, p. 44]

Ben Jonson's 'Volpone': A Loveless Comedy in Three Acts. Freely adapted by Stefan Zweig. Translated by Ruth Langner. New York: Rialto Service Bureau, no date). 1 vol., various pagination. Typescript/promptbook. Floor plans, light and property plots, texts and songs included. Produced by the Theatre Guild at the Guild Theatre, New York, 9 April 1928. The Yale University Library (Beinecke) owns two prompt scripts and a folder of correspondence about the production, chiefly regarding royalties and written by others than Zweig

French: "Volpone: Comédie en cinq actes d'après Ben Jonson par Jules Romains et Stefan Zweig" in Les Oeuvres libres [Paris], 91 [January 1929), pp.(5)-82. Book editions: [1]. Théâtre de Jules Romains. Vol. 5. 182p. Paris: Gallimard, 1929 [10th edition. 219/(1)p. 1950. Reprinted Rep.1965]. [2]. Paris: Paris-Théâtre, 1955 [Paris-Théâtre, 95]. French premiere, Compagnie de l'Atelier, Paris, 23 November 1928

Hungarian: Volpone. Vigjáték. Translated from the French version by Gyula Illyés. Illustrated by Lászlo András. 112p. Budapest: Szikra, 1954. New edition. Illustrated by Endre Szasz. 95p. Budapest: Heikon, 1966

Japanese: "Vuorupōne" in Tsuvaiku zenshu [1976], No. 1, pp. 3-135 [Commentaries, pp. 359-364]

Niçard [Niçois/Nissart]: L'or d'en Mascoinat: Peça en cinc ate [The Gold from the Mascoinat: Play in Five Acts]. Stefan Zweig's translation adapted in Nissart by Jànluc Sauvaigo [Jean-Luc Sauvaigo]. 100p. Nice: Éditions Serre, 2001 [Serre classic]. Staged on the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of September 1999 at the Théâtre municipal Francis Gag in Nice by the Théâtre Niçois de Francis Gag

This is the poster for the play:,28270238/

While Stefan Zweig is not mentioned on this poster, his name is indicated in the printed version

Norwegian: Volpone. Komedie uten kjaerlighet i 3 akter. Translated by Barbra Ring. Norwegian premiere, Oslo, August 1930. New translation by Per Bronken. 118p. Premiere, Fjernsynteatret, Oslo, 2 November 1966

Russian: Vol'pone. P'esa v piati deistviiakh. Translated from the French version by Viktor Fink. 55p. Moskva: VUOAP, 1946

Serbo-Croatian: Volpone. Performed by the Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište, Zagreb, 1929

Slovak:' Volpone. Neláskavá komédia v troch dejstvách. Translated by Ferdinand Hoffmann. 123/(1)p. Turčiansky Sv. Martin [Martin]: Ústredie slovenských ochotníckych divadiel: Matica slovenská, 1936

Spanish: Volpone. Comedia en cinco actos de Ben Jonson. Translated from the French version by Artemio Precioso and Rafael Sánchez Guerra. 181p. Madrid: Colón, 1930

Swedish: Volpone. Translated by Gunnar Klintberg. Presented by the Borås Stadsteater, April 1961

Swiss German (Schweizerdeutsch): Volpone. Stefan Zweig's translation translated and revised by Mathias Hagi. 56p. Belp: Teaterverlag Elgg, 2004. New translation and dialect adaptation by Christine Heiniger. 67p. Belp: Teaterverlag Elgg, 2008