Kaleidoscope Two

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[1951]: Cassell and Company Limited, London/Toronto/Melbourne/Sydney/Wellington

Kaleidoscope Two. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Benjamin W. Huebsch translated “The Royal Game”. 290p. [Hallam Edition] [Reprinted 1959]


Buchmendel [Buchmendel], pp. 1-32
Leporella [Leporella], pp. 33-61
The Runaway [Episode am Genfer See], pp. 63-72
The Invisible Collection [Die unsichtbare Sammlung], pp. 73-87
Impromptu Study of a Handicraft [Unvermutete Bekanntschaft mit einem Handwerk], pp. 89-129
The Royal Game [Schachnovelle], pp. 131-188
Letter from an Unknown Woman [Brief einer Unbekannten], pp. 189-230
Rachel Arraigns God [Rahel rechtet mit Gott], pp. 231-246
Virata, or the Eyes of the Undying Brother [Die Augen des ewigen Bruders], pp. 247-290