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[1994]: Appleton Press, Sperryville, VA

Stefan Zweig: Death of a Modern Man. A Meditation. With a preface by Marion Sonnenfeld. 80p. Illustrated ["Based on a talk to the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies at Columbia University, Deutsches Haus, Fall 1993]


Acknowledgments [J.K.], p. 5
Contents, p. (7)
Preface, pp. 9-11
Introduction, pp. 15-19
I. World of Yesterday, pp. 21-35
II. Sruggle and Change, pp. 37-45
III. End Game, pp. 47-51
IV. Failure, pp. 53-58
V. Salvation, pp. 59-63
Epilogue, pp. 65-72
Notes, pp. 75-78
References, pp. 79-80

Photographs: [between pp. 32-33]

Stefan Zweig's Parents Ida and Moritz Zweig
Stefan and Friderike Zweig in the Kapuzinerberg Garden
Stefan Zweig and Maxim Gorkii, 1928
Home on the Kapuzinerberg, Salzburg
Stefan and Lotte Zweig with friends in Brazil
House in Petropolis

Italian translation:

[1999]: LoGisma, Firenze [Florence]

Stefan Zweig. Morte di un uomo moderno [Stefan Zweig: Death of a Modern Man. A Meditation]. Translated from the English by Maria Liberata D'Orazio and Gherardo Lazzeri. Preface by Elie Wiesel. Notes by Marion Sonnenfeld. 94p. Illustrated