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"His Exile Was Intolerable" [Translated from the French by Antony Shugaar] in The New York Review of Books [New York], LXI:8 [8 May 2014], pp. 13-15.

This is a review of:

[1]. The Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the End of the World by George Prochnik. New York: Other Press, 2014

[2]. The Grand Budapest Hotel. This is a film written and directed by Wes Anderson

Partial translation into Arabic:

"Al-Manfā" [The Exile]. Translated by Aḥmad Shāfiʿī [Ahmed Shafie] in ʿUmān : jarīdah yawmiyyah siyāsiyyah [Oman. A Political Daily] [Muscat], ? May 2015, pp. ??. Published by the Muʾassasat ʿUmān li-l-Ṣaḥāfah waʾl-Nashr waʾl-Iʿlān [Oman Newspaper for Press & Publication], Masqaṭ [Muscat]. The Arabic translator Aḥmad Shāfiʿī [Ahmed Shafie] omits the last part of Muhlstein's review which deals with Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel

Published online:

One week later republished by the Arabic translator in his personal blog:

Al-Manfā [The Exile]. Translated by Aḥmad al-Shāfiʿī [Ahmed Shafie] in Qirāʾāt Aḥmad al-Shāfiʿī [Ahmed Shafie's Reviews] [Egypt], 16 May 2015. "Qirāʾāt Aḥmad al-Shāfiʿī" [Ahmed Shafie's Reviews] is a blog by the Egyptian poet, novelist and translator Aḥmad al-Shāfiʿī [Ahmed Shafie]

Published online: