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The Covinus Press. A History and Bibliography. 245p. Illustrated. Frontispiece: A photograph of "Portrait of a smiling gentleman". Viscount Carlow painted by Wyndham Lewis in 1939. Aldershot, Hants, England: Scolar Press / Brookfield, Vt: Ashgate Publishing Company, 1994

Zweig references:

p. xxvi [Historical Introduction]
pp. 74-76 [No. 27: Stefan Zweig. George Frederick Handel's ressurection. Illustrated. (Before October 1937?)-June 1938
pp. 78-80 [Stefan Zweig. Magellan, pioneer of the Pacific. Illustrated. (April?)-June 1938. P. 79: "Inuentio Maris Magallanici". A wood-engraving intended for Magellan, pioneer of the Pacific but never used
p. 223 [A biographical note]
p. 245 [Zweig in the Index]