Perepiska Stefana Tsveiga c isdatel'stvom "Vremia" 1925 - 1934

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"Perepiska Stefana Tsveĭga c isdatel'stvom "Vremia" 1925 - 1934" [Stefan Zweig's Correspondence with the Publishing House 'Time' ('Vremia') 1925-1934]". Foreword, publication and commentaries by Yu. Korenevaia. Technical preparation of the online project by L. V. Zarodovaia. The project is entitled "Insituty kul'tury Leningrada na perelome ot 1920-X k 1930-M godam: Materialy proekta" and can be found on line at: The article about Zweig is printed on pp. 250-478. See also: Azadovskiĭ, K. M.