Richard Strauss, Stefan Zweig. Vuole essere il mio Shakespeare? Lettere 1931 - 1936

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[2009]: Archinto Edizioni, Milano

Richard Strauss, Stefan Zweig. Vuole essere il mio Shakespeare? Lettere 1931 -1936. Translated from the 1957 German edition and edited with a foreword by Roberto Di Vanni. In the German edition, the last letter of Stefan Zweig to Richard Strauss is dated [December 1935]. In this editio it is dated as the beginning of January 1936. The cover contains a caricature of Richard Strauss. Illustrated. 195/(2). Page 2: A photograph of Richard Strauss at the Musical Festival of Vichy (1935). Page (178): A photograph of Stefan Zweig. See: Richard Strauss - Stefan Zweig. Briefwechsel


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