Rimbaud, Arthur / Leben und Dichtung

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[1907]: Insel-Verlag, Leipzig

Berrichon, Paterne. Arthur Rimbaud. Leben und Dichtung [La Vie de Jean-Arthur Rimbaud]. Translated by K. L. Ammer [i.e. Karl Klammer]. Introduction by Stefan Zweig. Title page and cover design by Walter Tiemann. (4)/233/(1)p. Contains a photoheliographic portrait of Arthur Rimbaud. Illustrated. Stefan Zweig's foreword, pp. 2-14. 2nd edition. 243/(1)p. 1921

[1954]: Insel-Verlag, Wiesbaden

Arthur Rimbaud. Gedichte. Translated by K. L. Ammer [i.e. Karl Klammer]. Afterword by Stefan Zweig. 69/(2)p. 10,000 copies. printed. Stefan Zweig's afterword, pp. 59-69 [Insel-Bücherei, 592]