Robinson, James

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The Beauty and Meaning of Autographs. A dramatic theater performance. Directed and produced by James Robinson. Theatrical group: Deep Dark South. Performed in the Space on the Mile@The Radisson, 80 High Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Length 1 hour and 15 minutes. Performed 6-14 August 2010. "In the 1920s and 30s, Stefan Zweig was the most translated writer in the world. His stories such as 'Letter from an Unknown Woman' and 'Beware of Pity' blended masterly storytelling, psychological truth and an understanding of the dark, hidden emotions beneath everyday life. By 1942 Zweig was dead, another Jewish casualty of the Nazi regime and a victim of his own destructive impluses. Blurring fact and fiction in a riveting, moving production, mixing theatricality, music and innovative projection, Deep Dark South's new play explores the life and work of a forgotten master. . . based on letters between Stefan and his wife Friderike Maria Zweig, as well as his short stories and his autobiography 'The World of Yesterday'". See: