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"Austrian Novelist Rises Anew" in The New York Times [New York], Thursday 29 May 2014, The Arts, pp. C1, C4. Contains a discussion of George Prochnik's new biography of Stefan Zweig, The Impossible Exile. Stefan Zweig at the End of the World, and Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Mention is also made of the brilliant English translations of Zweig's works by Anthea Bell, Laurent Seksik's recent novel The Last Days [Les Derniers Jours de Stefan Zweig] which is an account of Zweig's final six months, and there are also quotations from an interview with the Brazilian writer Alberto Dines. Illustrated with a photograph of Stefan Zweig and one of Ralph Fiennes [who looks like Stefan Zweig] in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is set in Europe between the wars, the milieu of much of Stefan Zweig's work

Portuguese translation:

"O romancista austríaco Stefan Zweig volta a brilhar" [Translated from English into Brazilian Portuguese by Paulo Migliacci] in Folha de S. Paulo [São Paulo], 22 June 2014

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