Romain Rolland - Stefan Zweig. Briefwechsel 1910-1940

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[1987]: Rütten & Loening, Berlin

Romain Rolland - Stefan Zweig. Briefwwechsel 1910-1940. 2 vols. Collector of manuscripts and editor Waltraud Schwarze. Introduction by Wolfgang Klein. Biographic data assembled by Gerahrd Schewe and Gerda Böttcher. Rolland's letters translated from French into German by Eva and Gerhard Schewe. Zweig's letters translated from French into German by Christel Gersch.

Volume 1 [802/(2)p. Frontispiece: A 1925 photograph of Romain Rolland by Stefan Zweig]


Humanismus un d Revolution" [Wolfgang Klein], pp. (5)-25
Vorbemekung des Verlages [Waltraud Schwarze], pp. (26)-27
Briefe 1910-1923, pp. (29)-778
Zeittafel [Biograpical data], pp. (781)-802
Inhalt, p. (803)