Shelley, Percy Bysshe

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"Cenci / Shelley" in Die Schaubühne [Berlin], III:31 [1 August 1907], pp. 85-88 [Stefan Zweig translated the verses 3-123 of Act V, Scene 5. Printed here with some introductory remarks by Stefan Zweig]

Reprinted in:

"Was wir wollen!" Gedichte und Nachdichtungen [Krems an der Donau, 2019], No. 105, pp. 139-144 [Stefan Zweig's introductory remarks, p. 139; Cenci, pp. 140-144]

English original:

The Cenci. A Tragedy in Five Acts. London, 1819. Reprinted: Boston and London: D. C. Heath & Co., 1909. See Act V, Scene V, verses 3-123, pp. 152-156