Stefan Zweig and World Literature

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[2014]:Camden House [Boydell & Brewer], Rochester, NY

Stefan Zweig and World Literature. Twenty-First-Century Perspectives. Edited by Birger Vanwesenbeeck and Mark H. Gelber. (xii)/266p. Illustrated. Cover design by Frank Gutbrod. The cover contains a 1939 photograph of Stefan Zweig. Paperback edition printed in 2017


List of Illustrations, p. (ix)
Acknowledgments, p. (xi)
Introduction [Birger Vanwesenbeeck and Mark H. Gelber], pp. (1)-11

Part I. Reception

A Stefan Zweig Revival? [Birger Vanwesenbeeck], pp. (15)-32

Part II. Drama and Fiction

Stefan Zweig's Drama Jeremias in Context [John Warren], pp. (35)-55
"That Voice in the Darkness!": Technologies of the Tropical Talking Cure in Stefan Zweig's Der Amokläufer and Verwirrung der Gefühle [Geoffrey Winthrop-Young], pp. (56)-73
Narrating Alterity: Stefan Zweig, Emmanuel Levinas, and the Trauma of Redemption [Robert Weldon Whalen], pp. (74)-89

Part III. Criticism and Essays

Stefan Zweig and the Concept of World Literature [Mark H. Gelber], pp. (93)-107
Landscape, "Heimat", and Artistic Production: Stefan Zweig's Introduction to E. M. Lilien. Sein Werk [Richard V. Benson], pp. (108)-121
Stefan Zweig's Non-fictional Prose in Exile: Mastery of the European Genre of "Kunstprosa" [Klaus Weissenberger], pp. (122)-151

Part IV. Politics and Exile

True to Himself: Stefan Zweig's Visit to Argentina in September 1936 [Robert Kelz], pp. (155)-172
Exile and Liminality in "A Land of the Future": Charlotte and Stefan Zweig in Brazil, August 1941-March 1942 [Darién J. Davis], pp. (173)-190
Stefan Zweig's Concept of Brazil in the Context of German-Jewish Emigration [Marlen Eckl], pp. (191)-212
Stefan Zweig: Life in Cities of Exile [Klemens Renoldner], pp. (213)-223
The Writer's Political Obligations in Exile: The Case of Stefan Zweig [Jeffrey B. Berlin], pp. (224)-255
Contributors, pp. (257)-258
Index, pp. (259)-266