Stols. A. A. M. (Alexander Alphonse Marius)

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The Stols-Archives of the Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland, Haarlem, Holldand contain 22 letters pertaining to Stefan Zweig:

Herbert Reichner [Herbert Reichner Verlag, Wien] to the publisher A. A. M. Stols, 8 December 1932. Concerning a typographical printing of Zweig's novella "Die unsichtbare Sammlung" to be added as a supplement to Philobiblon. Eine Zeitschrift für Bücherliebhaber [Reichner Verlag, Wien]. A revised version of this story did indeed appear as a 15-page supplement to the Philobiblon [Wien], 6:9 [November 1933]. The original version of "Die unsichtbare Sammlung" appeared in the Neue Freie Press [Wien], 31 May 1925, pp. 2-7
Stefan Zweig to A. A. M. Stols, 13 letters, 20 April 1933-28 October 1937. Two of these letters were sent by Zweig's secretary [28 April 1933 and 23 October 1937]. There is also one telegram, 23 November 1934: "Sendet bucher nicht London sondern Salzburg. Zweig"
A. A. M. Stols to Stefan Zweig, 6 letters, 24 May 1934-25 January 1938. There is also a letter from Stols to the Amsterdamsche Bank, 26 October 1937, requesting that 77.43 florins be sent to Zweig as a royalty payment for the sale of the Dutch translation of Zweig's Erasmus
Friderike Maria Zweig to an unnamed recipient, 1 letter, 3 March 1959. The letter, written in French, is a thank you note for the recipient's willingness to send her copies of the Zweig letters in his possession. She also sent the recipient a copy of a letter by Erich Fitzbauer announcing the formation of the Stefan Zweig Gesellschaft, Wien VIII, Piaristengasse 46/17. Erich Fitzbauer was the president of the Stefan Zweig Gesellschaft, Friderike Maria Zweig was the honorary president of the society