The World of Yesterday. An Autobiography

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[1943]: Cassell and Company, London

The World of Yesterday. An Autobiography [Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers]. Translated by Benjamin W. Huebsch and Helmut Ripperger. 339p. Illustrated. Bibliography of Stefan Zweig’s works, pp. 331-332

Subsequent editions:

1943: Viking Press, New York. xiv/455p. Illustrated. Zweig bibliography, pp. 443-445

1944: Cassell and Company, London., 339p.

1944: Cassell and Company, London/Toronto/ Melbourne/Sydney. 310p. 2 printings inn Sydney, Australia

1947: Cassell and Company, London. xiv/445p.

1953: Cassell and Company, London. xi/449p. [Hallam Edition]. See: The Collected Works of Stefan Zweig. Vol. 10

1964: University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln. Introduction by Harry Zohn. xxiii/445p. Paperback edition [A Bison Book, BB 181]. Harry Zohn's introduction, pp. v-xii. / 1966: 13th impression. Cover design by Jungsun Whang. Cover drawing "Der Zwang", woodcut by Frans Masereel

1977: The Arden Press, New York. xiv/445p. [Reprinted of the 3rd edition of 1943

1987: Cassell and Company, London. 339p. [Cassell Biographies]. The impressum incorrectly lists the translators as "Cedar and Eden Paul"