Von den Bäumen

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"(Von den Bäumen)"in Kunstwart. Halbmonatsschau für Ausdruckskultur auf allen Lebensgebieten [München], 24:19 [Erstes Juliheft 1911], pp. 42-44. This is a letter to the editiorial office of the Kunstwart in praise of the conception and ideas of the following volume - with a recommendation that something similar be produced in Germany: Louis Piérard. A la Louange de la nature. Aimons les arbres. Pages choisies. Preface by Emile Verhaeren. 2nd, revised edition. Frameries: Éditions Dufrane-Friart, 1910. Préface, pp. (5)-6. Zweig also includes a German translation (undoubtedly by himself) of Verhaeren’s preface, pp. 43-44

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