Whither Jewry?

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"Die Frage 'Whither Jewry' ist schwer zu beantworten...". The original manuscript contains 4 leaves and is obviously a fragment. It used to be in the Stefan Zweig Archives in London; now it is located in the archives of the Stefan Zweig Zentrum Salzburg. The German original is printed in "Worte haben keine Macht mehr" [Wien, 2019], No. 26, pp. 152-154. Commentaries, p. 262.

English translation:

"Whither Jewry?" is an address prepared for a symposium sponsored by the Yiddish periodical Dos Yiddishe Vort in London in 1935. This address was translated into English by Joseph Leftwish, who also read it for Stefan Zweig at the symposium

A fragment of the Joseph Leftwich translation is included on pp. 93-94 in his article "Stefan Zweig and the World of Yesterday" in Year Book [Leo Baeck Institute, London], III [1958], pp. 81-100

See also: "What will happen to the Jews? [A letter by Stefan Zweig to Joseph Leftwich, 23 April 1936] in "Worte haben keine Macht mehr" [Wien, 2019], No. 28, pp. 161-163. German version: "Was wird mit Juden geschehen?", No. 47, pp. 239-241

French translation: "Où va le judaïsme?" in Stefan Zweig. L'Esprit européen en exil [Paris, 2020], No. 12, pp. (121)-125. Translated into French by Jacques Le Rider