Widerstand der Wirklichkeit (VIST)

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"Widerstand der Wirklichkeit" [Individual story]

Frist printing in:

Brennendes Geheimnis. Erzählungen [Frankfurt am Main, 1987], No. [6], pp. 221-(271) [This is the first printing of the complete work. The original typescript of 41 numbered pages with handwritten corrections by Zweig was located in Stefan Zweig’s Nachlaß, London. On the title page Zweig had also written a possible subtitle, “Die Reise in die Vergangenheit”, which he then crossed out]

Reprinted in:

Novellen [Zürich, 2009], No. 3, pp. 144-(219)
Praterfrühling. Erzählungen [Frankfurt am Main, 1990], No. 6, pp. 221-(271) [Fischer Taschenbuch, 9242]

Excerpt printed as “Fragment einer Novelle” in:

Das Buch des Gesamtverbandes schaffender Künstler Österreichs. Wien: Verlag des Gesamtverbandes schaffender Künstler Österreichs, (1929), pp. 131-137
Fragment einer Novelle. Edited by Erich Fitzbauer. 4 lithographs by Hans Fronius. [27]p. Wien: Im Verlag der Internationalen Stefan-Zweig-Gesellschaft, 1961 [Sonderpublikation der Internationalen Stefan-Zweig-Gesellschaft, 2, 500 numbered copies]
Das Stefan Zweig Buch [Frankfurt am Main, 1981], No. 9, pp. 172-(178)

Dramatic Reading: [1]. "Widerstand der Wirklichkeit" [an excerpt] in Angst / Salzburger Festspiele 2010, III. Read by Klaus Maria Brandauer // [2]. Le Voyage dans le passé [Paris: Audiolib, 2009]. A compact disc. 2 hours. Read by Thibault Montalembert


Catalan: El Viatge al passat [Barcelona, 2009]. Translated by Ramon Monton

Chinese: "Kulian" in Ciweige wenji [Taiyuan/Xi'an, 1998], Vol. 2, No. 7, pp. 264-309. Translated by Huiwen Guan

Czech: "Co odvál čas" in Jaro v Prátru. Povídky [Praha/Prague, 1997], No. 5, pp. 85-142. Translated by Věra Houbová and Karel Houba

Dutch: Reis naar het verleden [Amsterdam, 2009 and 2015]. Translated by Liesbeth van Nes

English: "Journey into the Past" in [ ]. The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig [London, 2015], No. 5, pp. 327-384. Translated by Anthea Bell. [ ]. Journey into the Past [London, 2009], No. 2, pp. (23)-110. Translated with an afterword by Anthea Ball. Afterword, No. 3, pp. 111-124

French: "Fragment d'une nouvelle" in Wondrak. Nouvelles [Paris, 1999], No. 3, pp. (103)-(112) [An excerpt]. Translated by Hélène Denis // "Résistance de la réalité / Le Voyage dans le passé" in Romans, nouvelles et récits [Paris, 2013], Vol. 2, No. 57, pp. (1)-45. Commentaries, pp. (1489)-1492. Annotations, p. 1492. Translated by Marie-Ange Roy. See: Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre and Le Voyage dans le passé

Russian: "Fragment odnoĭ novelly" in Sobranie sochinenii Stefana Tsveiga v deviati tomakh [Moskva, 1996-1997], Vol. 1, No. 22, pp. 664-668. Translator not indicated

Spanish: Viaje al pasado [Barcelona, 2009]. Translated by Roberto Bravo de la Varga

Turkish: "Geçmişe yolculuk" in Kitapçı Mendel [İstanbul, 2009], No. 1, pp. (9)-51. Translated by Ahmet Arpad

Secondary Literature: