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See: Zweig, Friderike Maria

[1946]: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New York and W. H. Allen & Co., London

Stefan Zweig. Translated from the German by Erma McArthur. viii/ 277p. Illustrated. Crowell edition = A Gateway Book. The Allen edition was reprinted in 1948. See: Stefan Zweig, wie ich ihn erlebte

[2012]: Plunkett Lake Press, Lexington, MA

Married to Stefan Zweig. Translated from the German by Erma McArthur. Introduction by Helen Epstein. Cover by Susan Erony. With a chronology of Stefan Zweig's life and a bibliography of works by and about Stefan Zweig in English by Randolph Klawiter. 104,000 words and 22 illustrations. An eBook published by Plunkett Lake Press eBooks of Life Writing, Lexington, MA, January 2012. Available from Amazon [Kindle Edition], Barnes & Noble [Nook Edition], Apple iTunes [Apple iBooks Edition], and Kobo

Further Translations:

Danish: Stefan Zweig som jeg kendte ham. Translated by Erling Nielsen. 258p. Illustrated. Aalborg: Asbo Forlag, 1946
Italian: Stefan Zweig, compagno della mia vita. Translated by Ervino Pocar. 276p. Illustrated. Milano: Rizzoli, 1947
Portuguese: Stefan Zweig. O homen e o gênio. Sua obra e minha vida ao seu lado. Translated by Trude Hauptmann and Lilóca do Amaral. 341p. Illustrated. São Paulo: Editora Universitária, 1945
Spanish: Stefan Zweig. Compañero de mi vida. Translated by Alfredo Cahn. 353p. Illustrated. Buenos Aires: Editorial Claridad, 1946. New edition. Stefan Zweig. 420p. Illustrated. Barcelona: Editorial Hispano-Americana de Ediciones, 1947. Reprinted: "Stefan Zweig" in Stefan Zweig. Obras. 2 vols. Barcelona: Editorial Janés, 1958, Vol. 1, pp. 7-405


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